Sunday, August 24, 2008

Walley World

Recently I was engaging in some retail therapy in Walmart. I was there spending my husband overtime money I was upset with him, and as I had said previously in my blogs I POUT, but this time I just decided to spend his money on a bunch of nothing.
So as I was bound and determined to shop until I dropped, I found myself really looking at all the people that were spending their Sat afternoon in Walmart as well.
Well let me tell you it was something else. Let me start with the lady with the hair.
Now you have seen older women I am sure with blue hair and with gray/silver hair, well this little darling had neither it was, pink,purple, and brown. I kid you not! and we are not speaking about no young chick either we are talking Granny. Well as they say only her hair dresser knows for sure.....NOT.
The next thing that caught my eye was the young man that had a hold of his crotch like someone was going to steel it from him.I saw him several times, I tried to ignore the obvious but if my sister had been with me she would have slapped me and told me to "Stop it !I could not understand why he had such a death grip on his man hood, and I am sure my face displayed the same puzzlement.
Next was the young girls who's body's don't fit in their clothes,You know the ones that you wont to tell HONEY THEY DON'T FIT MOVE UP A SIZE OR TWO.
And I wont to know who was the bright cookie that came up with letting grandpa drive the little scooter around Walmart, He cant even drive a car, what makes them think he can do any better with a scooter? Maybe we should next time, unplug the battery when we get the buggy.We may save someones foot,and speaking of buggies why do people hold a family reunion in the middle of the ale? Move to the side please, don't stand there and discus your kidney stones most people don't care, but the one that got me the most was the girl who was sitting outside taking a break, she was sitting on the curb just a causal as any one, except for one thing, with the hip hugger pants she had on and the fact that I mention earlier that you should sometimes buy a bigger size she had a full moon rising, we ain't talking no crescent moon, we are talking the whole thing hanging out of her pants, almost wonted to drop some loose change down her pants.
All this left me thinking what has this world come to, as my dear mama would have said 'going to hell in a hand bag.
Well one good thing came out of my visit to Wally World the check out lady actually spoke to me, wonders never cease. Next week I am checking out Kmart:):)

PS Belly dancing classes start September the 8th, this one sounds like its going to hurt..

Monday, August 18, 2008

For Better or Worse

Today is my wedding anniversary and I think back on that day 31 years ago.
How hectic the day was and how I got mad at my husband for working on our wedding day, he did get off early but he did work, and today we went off to work as well.
So I reflect on that man of mine and here are some things that comes to mind.
He loves his dogs. Past and present.And one of the few times I have seen him cry was over a dog. He says that the unconditional love they have for their owners reminds him of how Jesus feels about us. No matter how bad we treat Jesus he keeps coming back to us to try and get us to love him as much as he loves us. Strange theology but oh so true.
He don't waste his time on fake people, I find over the years that it is the genuine people that have lasted in his life.
He is a honest man, and that honesty was enforced with a iron fist as my children were raised. and he feel that same way today.
He will do anything he can for someone as long as they do not know it was him, he aids and helps in secret, bringing No attention to himself, and there are many things he has done for people that they do not know to this day that he was behind it.
( He who is last, will be first )
He is his own worst enemy when he messes up and I have seen him make himself physically ill beating his self up over things that he has goofed on.
He loves the out doors and loves to fish and truly finds peace with God when he is on a lake, or hunting for arrow heads.
He is the hardest working man I have ever met, my daddy was another one, but even daddy took time off, not Neil unless he is forced to, which has lead to the stability of my home and my children and now for that I am grateful, I could not see it back then but do now.He has confessed that he wishes he had taken more time off when Sugar and Jason were younger but in his mind at that time, his working was doing what was best for his family.
He thinks a hand shake is better than a signature and he feels that a man should be able to talk to another man face to face if there is a problem and get it resolved, and once that has been done it is done ( I pout )
He is not fancy and often don't even comb his hair he says that it is not what is on the outside but what is inside a mans heart that counts.
He is without doubt a man of integrity.
He loves his children, I see it by how he has taught them to be as he would say " good people" and how he has sacrificed for them personally over the years things that many people dont even know.He loves his grandchildren, that is clear by the way he smiles at them when they come over and by the time that he spends with them.
and I believe he loves me too, heck he even signed my card this year.:):)
He is not with out spot or blemish by no means but the good certainly out weighs the bad.
I hear people say all the the time that there husband is there best friend, Neil is not my best friend, to me that term is to generalized and often over stated and abused kinda like the word love, I love Jesus and I love ice cream how can you put them in the same category??? Neil is my husband and my mate and that carries allot of weight and responsibility. A friend cuts you slack, my husband helps hold me accountable and helps hold me up.The word husband is what he is and defines who he is to me.
Yes that is my Husband and after all these years he carries that title with my up most honor and respect and loving him is easy because of that.
Happy Anniversary old man, thank you for allowing me to be your wife.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Girls Just wont to have fun

OK so I am going through this stage were I think I have to be doing something all the time besides work and my domestic thing I do at home. What is that all about?? So I ask myself, I said self what is the deal here, don't we have enough to do, with work, home, my sweet babies and my husband who is working all the time, that you feel like you must take something else on? and self said " girl what we need is a little fun" OK I admit that I have never been one to turn down some fun that I knew was not going to make me feel bad the next day. So I had to think about this a bit. My mind kept going back to the same ole things that I have done for fun in the past.
Softball....hum OK until the 3rd of 4Th game. Then it just becomes repetitive.Besides its not fun at a softball game if Uncle Ken is coaching and especially if we suck.No matter what he says it matters to him if we win or loose.
Water skiing..... gas is to expensive and I need someone to drive the boat ( Neil works 6 days a week and he is pretty beat on Sunday.
Hang out more with my sis....... She is playing softball again.

So that leaves me to these conclusions, either I am going to take clogging lessons, or belly dancing,because I do love the dance or go and buy that bike I have been wanting for a while.
Perhaps a motorcycle is now in order, bowling is a option, regardless I am off to find what tickles my funny bone. Sounds like a tango dance to me!!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Church on the Hood

How I have longed for the church of my youth or even the church of my children's youth.You would think that with as many churches as there are you could just walk in one and feel right at home......Not! Ironically my search has brought me back to the place I started for now to rest and lick my wounds, that little church on the hood.
And as I reflect on all this I can not for the life of me recall why I left it. The only thing that really comes to mind is perhaps I was off trying to keep up with the Jones, and if that is the case how shallow that makes me feel, as shallow as some of the Church's I have been to.
As you walk into this church it is not pretty nor is it big, you are greeted at the door by a "Biker dude" dressed in leather, with a smile as genuine as they come ready with a hand shake and or a hug. His Tee Shirt reads Jesus saves and he is ready and more than willing to tell you how Jesus saved him and how he ended up at church on a lost bet with his brother, and he has been here ever sense, and given an edge he will tell you how he has a prison ministry that will rival the largest church. As you find your way to your seat, the only music you hear for now is greetings and glad to see ya and how are you doing that echo in the Small church,and laughter, something I have missed in my visits to other Church's Here are white people and black people, poor and middle class and perhaps one or two that are well off, but you would never know that for sure for humble is their pie.There are those that are dealing with physical as well as mental issues and those that are fighting the addictions that bind them. There are Mothers who have lost children's and wives who have lost husbands and husbands who have lost wives You have some that are out of prison and some that are facing prison and some that are still paying for a mistake they have made once. But when you walk in those doors you have the feeling that all are on equal ground and there is no condemnation in these walls.All in all there are about 40-50 people here today, but they also are host to about 10 other ministers that guide about 500 people each week.
You will probably not find the folks here with brand name cloths or shoes on, no pretty people you might say except in their heart and that is what brings me to to heart of the matter. Arent these the kind of people Jesus hung out with? You did not find him with the ones that had platice or position, you found him with the sick, poor, the mental and the broken both physically and spiritually.In Isiah 61;1-4 he instructs us to do the same.The sermon today is titled High cost for low living and the Pastor for this Sunday is a long time friend and I was refreshed to hear Gods word, intact, not watered down so that it don't offend,He would not be guilty of hearsay this day. He told us what God had told him to say and he made no apologies for speaking the true word of God.He he was gentle in speech and I was touched that he admitted that he too had followed the world at times and the cost was high. The high price for low living.
So what is the problem, glad you ask that, the problem I felt was the worship. It lacks in depth and perception for me....How sad....Not sad for the music, sad that I have been tricked into thinking that the music is what was most important and I could not have been further from the truth....well done Satan, you got me on that one, but not for long.

The spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to preach to the POOR.
He has sent me to bind up the BROKENHEARTED,to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the PRISONERS,to proclaim the year of the Lord's favor and the vengeance of our God,to comfort all who MOURN.............