Sunday, January 25, 2009

Most Excellent Day

What could be more fun on your 51st birthday than to laugh, be with the ones you are closest to and to of course go roller skating. Well as far as I am concerned nothing.
Because that is just what I did and it was as Wayne would have said in Waynes World "A Most Excellent Day" Several weeks ago I started thinking that my birthday that was up and coming and there was no way to stop it, unless Jesus called me home. Now I will admit that when I turned 30 that birthday bothered me, but sense then none of them really has, they were for the most part just another day, so this time I decided that I would spend it having fun, being with family that I could and most of all laughing and that is just what I did. My husband had me in laughing tears the most part of the day after I told him we were going roller skating, between all the commits like " have you fell and bumped your head women" and something about " My big ole butt" I did laughed until I almost cried.
Now I was not taking this day alone, I was dragging as many people that would go and the faithful came through plus two, my son Jason and his very lovely girlfriend of almost 3 years Jessica.I knew I could count on my daughter who lets face it after having 4 kids in less than 5 years needed a little fun, and my baby sister Traci who is always with me in all what in the heck are you thinking activitys, and Ken who is almost like one of the girls:):) faithful and true and there to capture our moment on film.
The day went great, after going to work out at Jazzersize because I was going to need all the energy I could get, I knew I may be in trouble when we worked on core muscles ( ya know that big ones in your legs that are needed when you skate) THANKS TERRI!!! but I was not going to let a hour of that stop me. When I got home my husband who thought he was going to get out of going skating took me shopping to get my birthday present. We got home just in time to take a hot bath because those big ole muscles in my big ole legs were starting to remind me they were present and accounted for.
So off we went and I myself as well as a few others that went had a great time.
My grand boys put their skates on and I won the bet of who would do better. Cole of course because has the more competitive edge than the others, Jonah remained docile for the most part and Judah stayed true to form and ended up in a fight with some other little boy the firs 30 minutes we were there.
Traci,Sugar,Jessica and Jason as well as myself did not fall not once (with our skates on ) I managed to topple over when I bend down to have my picture taken with Traci and lost my balance then ( there goes those core muscles ) and as any good older sister would have done, pulled her right down with me.
After a good hour or so at my house that I decided I was not going to clean up on my birthday ( and I didn't and didn't let it bother me either ) we ate cake yum yum opened a few gifts and laughed some more. It was then topped off by Neil taking me to dinner.
What a excellent day and a great way to turn 51.
I truly would not have ask for more.
Wait to they find out what I wont to do next year (lol)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mr.Kyzer If You Please

My daughter her husband and my grandchildren of some of my greatest joys in my life and provide quite a bit of constant entertainment on a daily basis.
But last night as my son Jason sat and shared with us his recent trip to the out back bowl so much went racing through my head.
I was no longer looking at the blond hair blue eyes little boy trying to explain to me how he tore up his 5th bike jumping ramps , I was looking a grown man instead. This is something I have never been able to do until now.
As he told of his adventure in Fla.( and let me add some of it was hilarious)
It was a bitter sweet Revelation. My baby boy has grown up. He spoke of adult things and carried on a conversation without all the drama and tales that children bring to the table when they tell of their recent adventures.
I looked at his arms and how strong they have become and his baby face has disappeared.
His eyes remain ever so blue but they too have changed a bit not in color but in age. As he told us of his trip I could hear things like responsibility and precautions ( WHERE IS MY LITTLE BOY?)Where is the child that hacked into the school computer and locked out the teachers so they could not enter in the grades, or the child that locked all the bathroom stalls so no one could get in unless they crawled under. The child that me and sister would go spy on because at one time the truth was no where to to found in him. All those tears I have cried over him, all those nights I spent on my knees on his behalf and the times I had to bail him out of trouble with his dad. I never thought he would make it "Oh there you are Peter"
But he has, and he is strong and he is slowly becoming wise, and his free spirit remains but I do detect some control over it.
All the decisions we made as parents some of them just broke my heart because I knew how badly he wonted some things and it was tough love to say no,he made it any way and perhaps a better man for the ware.
How selfish of me not to wont him to grow up. But he is and he is as beautiful as a young man as he was a little boy. I guess when I need to see the little boy I will just have to be like one of the lost boys in Peter Pan and look deep into his eyes and perhaps I will catch a glimpse of Jake the Snake as he was called as a child.
Jake he grew into as teenager and I guess now as he approaches 25 Mr. Kyzer will be in order.
Here's to you son, May you continue to grow wise and strong. I continue to pray that you will seek God with the passion that you live life and never forget I WILL ALWAYS BE YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN.
In the words of Rocky Balboa in Rocky 5 "tank yous sons for being born "