Thursday, December 25, 2008

A fine one indeed

Well Christmas has come and almost gone. As I sit here and look at the mess around me to include toys,wrapping paper and dishes, It is really OK.I dont feel stressed or even bent out of shape about it. My husband gave me french coffee press which is the purest way to make coffee and I may never sleep again,but that is OK. Just more of life to live with my eyes open.
This was a good Christmas and although all my family was not with me, they were in my heart. We laughed, we ate and we laughed some more. And even though I did drop a tear of two for those that are in heaven, it was still a good Christmas. And after I get up and clean up this mess tomorrow I will prepare to meet the year 2009 head on.
I am not one for resolutions but there are some things I would like to put in to place.
One thing is to slow down a bit and as the old saying goes stop and smell the flowers.
I wont to laugh a bit more at myself and perhaps not take life so seriously not that I took it all that seriously to start with.
I wont to dance more and I wont to teach my grandchildren to dance.
I wont to find a new God spot. Mine is to sad now to go to so I need a new one,
My prayer life is really suffering and I need to fix that for shore.
These are just a few things.
My color for 2009 will be red. I really like the color red.
This Christmas is gone and I wonder what next year will bring, but that is only a fleeting thought. I have never been one to think that far ahead. I am sure there will be change there always is. Lets hope they are good ones.
Meanwhile as the song plays " Where are you Christmas " it reminds me that Christmas is family that is here and you can share with and it truly resides in your heart, and not in a place.This Christmas will be packed up very soon and along with it this years memories and I file this one as a fine one indeed. Amazing what a positive mind set will do for you. Look out 2009. I will be meeting you head on and with my dance shoes on.