Thursday, July 24, 2008


Well Olivia made it, all 6lbs 12 OZ of her. When I looked into that face so many things came rushing through my mind. How much she looked like her Mother at her birth 30+ years ago. What would my Mom and Dad had thought if they could be here.
What in the world are we going to go with a Little Princes in the mist of Peter Pan and the lost boys.:):) and how we are going to get those bows to stick in all that jet black hair? She of course is beautiful, but there was no doubt about that.
Now my role as Mimi has increased by one for now, what a blessing.
Who would have thought so long ago I would have 4 grandchildren. I must admit those things never crossed my mind as I was raising my children, my goal was to get them grown and meet there needs ( not always their wont's ) so as I sit and all this starts to sink in, I am curious to know what this seasons of my life will be like. As I sit and take a brief inventory of my life, I see a rich and beautiful tapestry.
An honest hard working husband who has sacrificed so many times to see that our family needs have been met and never complained. A daughter who is a women in her own right, raising her own children with solid Christian values. A son who has grown to be a strong young man, who works just as hard as his father does. His maturity increases more and more each passing day, he too is learning the value of hard honest work, more precious is that he tells me he loves me everyday. I am and forever will be his biggest fan. Now 4 grandchildren that are as far as we know healthy and strong. A son-in-law that I know would do anything I ask of him,this was evident recently when someone had upset me and it was all I could do to keep him from running to defend my honor. It took a few days to settle him down.
A home that is mine with land that I can leave my children. Sisters that I laugh with, and cry with ( one more than the others ) A steady Job that will provide for us in the future and 2 dogs that love unconditionally. In laws that I love and they love me,that is shown all the time by their support and daily prayers for us.
I saw a bumper sticker not to long ago that said "To Blessed to be depressed"
for me, this season of my life, how very true that is. Thank you Lord for blessing me so richly, for allowing me to understand that blessings are not that of monetary means that only last for a short while, but of things and people that will last a life time.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lizards,kittens,Pepsi,pink lace and football

Neil and I are awaiting the arrival of out 4th grandchild Olivia Neil. I am excited to see her and welcome her to this crazy world and family. I wonder who she will look like, and I really am excited about smelling her. I know that sounds strange but it is true. She has not to long left heaven and she still smells of God. I am convinced that is what a baby smell is. You know that smell they only have for a little while right under the neck, we call it baby smell, but it is really, what I think God smells like.Pure innocence. I like to think that before she left, a few people that are in heaven already gave her a sweet kiss on her cheek as God sent her out, just to say hello. I think it is so like my God to do something like that for comfort. And if my Mom had any control, Olivia would be born fully clothe in pink and lace with the frilly bottoms, pink white patten leather shoes ( only because it is summer time, black if it was fall or winter because WE DONT WARE WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY )lace socks and if possible a bow in her hair.
I find I am really missing her lately at the pending birth of our first granddaughter, I guess because I know how excited she would be over a girl. Not to take anything from our boys, she always said they had kissee lips and she loved to kiss on them the very little time she had with them.
I still see her pushing Cole down the hall on her walker!
God is blessing me every day, with my grown children and now with my grands. I am beginning to think that perhaps this is what life is all about . I can hardly wait to see what Jason's children will be like, but I guess we need to find him a wife first LET IS PRAY AND PRAY HARD.
Oh what adventures lies ahead......lizards,kittens,Pepsi,pink lace and football. Does any one have any good vitamins I am going to need them, and I can hardly wait.:):):)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

It is what it is

I go through these times in my walk with God were I am compelled to do some soul searching.
It is HIS way of letting me know that I am out of fellowship with HIM. I allow many things to suffer because of this.One being my quite time. Sadly I sometimes do not even realize this is going on until, something gets under my skin that I would not normally let bother me, and I can not seem to let it go. It is Satan's way that he/she gets me. I start to mold to the worlds way and the ole me kicks in and I am off. God lets me rant and rave for a while, I guess just to get it out, then a big ole red flag pops me in the face as I come to see that I have falling out of fellow ship with the very one that sustains me, and I promise you, I need HIM far more than HE needs me. For HIM it is a love thing, and not a need thing and I sometimes have a hard time understanding that. For me it is a need thing and a love thing.
So I do my AM I test, am I in HIS word, am I spending time in prayer, am I going to church ( that's another blog at another time ) am I focused on what is really important with my walk, and AM I walking the talk. There you go, I have blown it again. So I cry out and crawl back. Brush my self off and start over again , and I can do that for now because HIS mercy is new everyday,thank goodness.One day though, I will not have chance to do that, but today I can.
So that is were I am today, but this go around is different.
I feel there are some very serous changes that I will have to make this time.
Perhaps even some people I will have to let go. I admit that I have been to passive with some things, just excepting them for what they are. The key word there is "excepting " Not that I could personally can change it, but that I except it and make no stand against it. Not a loud or unruly stand, but just a simple quite stand for Christ, to let others know that I walk my talk. I have failed here because I care more about what some people think than what Jesus thinks. In the end He is the only thing that really matters. Do I really wont to face Him, and some day I will,
and have Him look at me and say depart from me, I dont know you either! I DONT THINK SO.
One of my sisters made a statement recently she said " It is what it is" Some truer words have never been spoken.
Pride, idolatry,prayerlessness, legalism,conformity and plain out disobedience, It is what it is, but that don't make it right and excepting.You can not change what those things are, but you can choose not to embrace them and just except them like they dont matter to God, because they do, and deep in my heart I know that.
You know, I am weary of straddling the fence, and blending in with the world, because I am not from this world, and all this takes more energy than I have to put into it. His yoke is easy and His burden is lighter. unlike the worlds way that is hard and heavy burdened. How did that get all turned around ? Satan has tricked me again. But that is what he/she is good at.
With that and in closing I am reminded of some lyrics to a song that says, beneath the emblem of a roman cross, that's were I take my stand, where would I be if Christ had given up on me?.............. I shudder to think!
This one is going to hurt.:(:(:(

Woe to the world because of the things that cause people to sin! Such things must come ( it is what it is.Paraphrase mime), BUT WOE TO THE MAN THROUGH WHOM THEY COME!
Matthew 18:7

Monday, July 7, 2008

Cole for President

As I have stated in my profile, I have 3 almost 4 grandchildren who are the very heart of me. Now if you have grandchildren you know what I mean, if not, then you just wait because God put a special cap in your heart that pops off when a grandchild is born, and a crazy kinda love just starts to free flow, Either you understand that or you dont, but I hope one day you will.
I had my lovey's last night and we had been going around and around about junk food. So I finally said to Cole, no more junk food until you eat something good for you and we came to a compromise of a peanut butter sandwich, that he gave 1/2 of that to Jonah for a Scooby snack
( they are into Scooby Do right now ) and he gave 1/2 of his 1/2 to Judah. and then ask for what else some junk food.
As I reminded him that he did not really eat any of his food, that he gave it away. He turned around with those big ole brown eyes and said with his best defense (court was now in session)
"Mimi, I have a thing on my wall that says do to others as you wont them to be kind to each other, and then with great frustration he looked at me and said " I'm just tiring to love my people"
Now I knew his mom has been teaching him bible verses something I wish I had done as a Mom and not depended on Sunday school teachers to do, and I knew that he had mixed up the verses,
but that was so cute what could I say.
Sounds like a presidential platform to me. Just loving my peeps. You go Precious, Mimi has your back.