Monday, April 5, 2010

I Love Mayberry

My recent move has proven to be such a blessing, I realized this the other day when I was hanging up clothes outside. I could not help but think to my self how nice and simple this was. I was taken back in time that I normally don't like to travel to and that was as a child. Bad tends to over shadow the good, but I have notice lately that God has slowly replacing those bad memories with good ones and this seem to be one of those times.
One of my jobs when we lived with my Nanny was to take down the clothes from the cloths line,taking one pin down at a time and putting the clothes in a basket. There was 5 people sometimes in that little house so laundry could be in no short supply.and if dryers were around, we certainly did not have one. And as I stood there and took those clothes down I would day dream. I was very good at daydreaming. I daydreamed allot as a child, It was my escape.I have been Davie Jones girlfriend and a movie star on the big screen. I could sing like the best girl group and I could dance, I have traveled though space with Will Robinson and broke many of leading men's hearts at least until reality set it.Then my day dreams were put safely away to recall when I could mange to escape to that special place in my head or until it was time to take more clothes down.
But as I took in our clothes in my own back yard the other day,I looked around me and even though it did not seem like much from most people I know standards, I felt God breathe a sweet release on me, somehow I thought of Aunt Bee, Andy and Opie and the simple times that was reflected on that show.Sitting on front porches and waving at your neighbors as they went by. Putting peanuts in your coke, and home made ice cream.playing out side until dark, being barefooted and laying on grassy knolls and tiring to count the stars in the sky
I could not help but smile and say Thank you Holy Daddy for slowing me down and allowing me to recall such sweet fun memories. For reminding me that your yoke is easy and your burdens are light. That it is by my own hand that the stress of life gets me down. Thank you for reminding me that my real treasures are stored with you.That when I take inventory of what really matters, what matters will be what I have done for you and in your name.