Friday, February 20, 2009

Tell Me

Has any noticed but me that this world has gone CRAZY!!!!! For the past several months I have noticed a severe decline in human morale. People are ruder,meaner,non-caring and flat out mean. Even at work between the patients that seem to just wont to pick a fight the co-workers attitudes that seem like they have been swimming in dill pickle juice it makes for what Alexander says is a " terrible,horrible,no good very bad day.
Now take all that and add to the mix of acute illness and chronic illness and add a dash of the general demands of the job and are you feeling me now???? And we wont EVEN go into personal stuff, so as Sugar would say " Man I need a dirty island "
that is talk for I need to sit on a warm beach with umbrella drinks listening to the waves roll in and out,
But as I sit and reflect a moment or two on all this, deep in my heart I know what is going on and if you read your bible you know as well.
The bad news is it is going to get worse, the good news is that God still is in controll and I am shore glad I am on HIS side.
Now this is a point of denial for some, I even have Christan friends that say, I know Jesus is coming back soon but don't think it is that soon. My only response to that is WHAT BIBLE ARE YOU READING.? Speaking of bibles I am reading Leviticus right now and I am so glad that I did not live back then because I would never get to come out of my tent!!!!!! Thank you Jesus for the cross.
God has shown me allot of things in His word lately some are encouraging and some are
I think the sad thing is I see people I know and love fall to the pray of complacency( help me here did Jesus not say that he could vomit complacency out of His Mouth) yuk!!!! and denial. This puzzled me quite a bit. it is like watching a freight train coming and you wont to yell YOU BIG DUMMY CANT YOU SEE WHAT IS IN FRONT OF YOU??
OK so help me out here... I know a few people that tune in to this blog and I thank you ,,but I wont some commits here. So give me some shout backs and let me know if I am a Lone ranger in this and what is going on around me. I sure hope My Holy Daddy has not left me out on this limb alone, but if he has I guess I better get a pair of gloves to hand to the rope with . So tell me Am I alone?

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Not to long ago I was driving home from work and as random thoughts filled my head one of those thoughts were some things that make me smile or giggle or laugh.
Although this list could go on and on, I decided to jot down a few things that bring a smile to my face lately.The Psalmist said it best,"Laughter is good medicine for the soul"So here a a few things that make me smile.giggle or just flat out laugh

The picture on Sugar blog right now
Big men in little cars
When my children figure out something I have been telling them for years
Parents tyring not to beat their children in public at Walmart
When I sit on my porch and the wind blows across my face. I call that kisses from God.
When people tuck their shirt in their underwear by mistake and walk out in public, this also includes toilet paper
When I am right about something
When Sugar and I get together and make redneck jokes
When me and Traci go to waffle house and view the other side of the tracks
Hanging out with Traci
When my grandchildren call me Mimi ( smile ) when they tell me they love me (and when they run to me for refuge
My husband , who has made a big change in the past few months He is really funny sometimes.
Food on peoples face that they forgot to wipe off
Hot fresh Krispy Cream Doughnuts
Remembering the funny things my Mom use to say
Remembering my daddy calling me 'Honey" and singing to me as we tried to dance to his singing
Shonda Pierce
Couples that are trying to argue in public and they are so mad that they just throw darts at each other as they stand in the check out line.
Hot baths
Good friends
My son doing his tax's on line

Thank you Lord, that my life is full of far more laughs and smiles than tears and heartbreak