Saturday, September 19, 2009


Seems like forever that I have blogged. Facebook has kinda taken its place. It is funny that we feel the necessity to post or publish out thoughts, our ups and downs.
And then wait for someone else to commit, as if we need to justify what we are feeling or saying. The best part comes when you post something that in your mind is profound and someone "LIKES" it. no words just like. What a sense of greatest you feel, feeling as if what you have made public is so good,or true that it leaves the over one hundred friends speechless. All they can do is say "Like It"
Funny how our human nature works.
What in us makes us want to let so many people know our every move in some cases. When we are up or down, happy or sad or in some cases I have seen just plain mad.

These things leave me to wonder. Are we that lonely and dont want to admit that? or are we that nosey that we like to look into each ones life's everyday. Perhaps it is even a bit of laziness. Not much effort to post your thoughts and feelings good or bad, allot of effort to pick up the phone ,drop a note or even make a talk date.What my sister and I sometimes do,go to the waffle house and catch up on family and life.
I cant help but think, we have just a need to be in touch with one another but in the most impersonal way.I am sure that if we had telepathic thoughts we could not even use the devices we have today and lord only knows that the future will bring along these lines.
Perhaps in my season of life, I am missing the old ways of pretty stationary and hand written letters. Little funny cards that sometimes made it my way, and always seem to arrive on just the right day when life just seemed to get you down, you open it and it either makes you laugh,cry or just smile. The thought that it was personally picked out for you just seems to make things better.
I have a friend Ms.Pasty that does that and I must tell her what a great ministry that is and how at some of the bleakest moments of my life, how that unexpected card made it my way and made me smile. The tought that someone invested the most valuable asset of today "TIME" Time to pick it out, write in it,stamp it (spoken from someone who has carried a note around for weeks just to put a stamp on it)and mailed it personally to you. What a pleasure to receive it among the sea of bills on any given day.
Ms. Pasty dont have a computer and I dont expect she every will. I would be surprised to know that she even knows what Facebook is, but after I am done with this, in her honor I will post a shout out to her just to let all others know how much I appreciate that personal touch in such a impersonal world.

Mabey it is even that we wont to be close but not to close. when that red flag goes up we just log off and be done with it for the moment.I am not sure that this is good for us the heart.
God created us to fellowship it says so in Hebrews.So whats my point in all this?
I guess just a note to self that perhaps every now and then I need to reach out and touch someone personally, by a card,phone call, or even a trip to the Waffle House and not loose that interpersonal skill that God put inside of us all. To reach out and sent the very best sometimes and be a Pasty now and then.
And this is a note to self,because everyone else is on FB :)

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